Ford Escort Mk1 1974

fordescort1974-7 fordescort1974-1 fordescort1974-2 fordescort1974-3 fordescort1974-4 fordescort1974-5 fordescort1974-6A very well sorted Mk1 Escort that makes an ideal fast-road car for shows or classic tours.

Has been used for some light competition work in sprints and hillclimbs but mainly just as a weekend drive.

This car could also be used for track days or road rallies, with a few minor modifications, or on the quarter mile in the Old Skool Ford classes at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County raceway.

2 door, rust and rot free, 1974 auto shell with factory ‘big’ transmission tunnel.

All steel panels (bonnet/boot/doors). Smith and Deakin fibreglass Mexico arches bolted on.

Seam welded shell with gusseted/triangulated engine bay.

Painted in Ford Olympic blue in 2001, so paintwork has some marks, stone chips and patina from 12 years regular use. 1300 GT wing badges. Perspex side windows. Original headlining has some marks and a small tear. Four point, bolt in, rear cage with fixed diagonal. Cage can be easily removed to fit a rear seat (although I don’t have this – it was binned years ago). Sparco Sprint seats and 4 point harnesses. Driver’s seat is adjustable on runners, passenger’s is fixed. Rally Design supplied AVO/Springalex deep dish, suede rim, steering wheel. Original Ford 1300 sport pod tacho and 2 clock dash. Aluminium interior panelling and sealed boot. Standard fuel tank with boot mounted Facet red top electric fuel pump.

Engine is a 1660 cc 711M ‘Kent’ crossflow. It has a big valve, ported and polished head by Cylinder Head Developments, Bromsgrove. Kent 234 cam, that gives good power up to about 7500 rpm and lots of torque from about 2500 rpm, duplex timing chain and vernier sprocket. New Spanish 40 DCOE webers on an upswept inlet manifold, Filter King fuel pressure regulator/filter engine bay mounted. Lightened and balanced crank, rods, lightweight flywheel. +60 Thou 1300 GT Pistons with machined valve pockets. Kent high pressure oil pump. ARP rod bolts. Cometic head gasket. Ashley 4 – 1 manifold and twin box exhaust to pass noise testing regs. Engine was stripped, inspected and refreshed for the 2010 season. Engine is chassis rail mounted (not mounted from the front cross-member). Lightweight, high torque geared starter motor.

Cable operated clutch. AP heavy duty pressure assembly, with AP ‘Sprint’ friction plate supplied by Burton. Tran X straight cut close ratio single rail ‘rocket’ gearbox. 2.38 ‘Long’ first gear. New balanced one piece prop with small flange and new joint. English axle with Tran X plate type LSD. 4.125 final drive ratio.

Front struts converted to coilovers. 2.25 diameter 190 lb springs. Monroe heavy duty inserts. Rally Design Eccentric roller top mounts. Rose jointed in-situ adjustable Track Control Arms. Double width/anti dive kit and poly-bushed front anti-roll bar.

Rear multi-leaf 145 lb springs, poly-bushed, short 105E style shackles, with lowering blocks. Poly-bushed radius arms (anti-tramp bars) and rose jointed panhard rod. GAZ adjustable shocks with late Mk1/Mk2 mounting arrangement. A full geometry set up (4 wheel alignment and setting of toe, caster and camber) has been carried out.

Brakes are the standard setup of front solid discs (new callipers 2010) and drum rear (new wheel cylinders 2010). Remote servo mounted inside the car on the bulkhead.

‘South London Look’ JBW Superlite 7 x 13 wheels fitted with 175/50 AO48 super soft tyres with plenty of tread left on them. 5 1/2″ J Lotus steel spare wheel.

This car is completely road legal and is driven to and from all events.  Always reliable on the road and competitive on track.

Shelsley Walsh 39 seconds. Curborough single lap 38 seconds.

See: YouTube for a video of it in action at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in 2010.

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