Yamaha DT360A Trail Bike 1970

Yamaha DT360A Classic Twin Shock Trail Bike

Yamaha DT360A1974-9

Yamaha DT360A1974-1

Yamaha DT360A1974-2

Yamaha DT360A1974-3

Yamaha DT360A1974-4

Yamaha DT360A1974-5

Yamaha DT360A1974-6

Yamaha DT360A1974-7

Yamaha DT360A1974-81974 model imported from USA with all duties paid.

Matching engine and frame numbers and one key fits all, (ignition, fuel cap and seat lock).

This is a 100% original bike and as far as I can tell there’s nothing missing.

Unlike so many 1970’s trail bikes on it’s complete, all the indicators, clocks, chain guard, sump guard, foot pegs etc are present making it an ideal basis for a fairly light and easy restoration as the corrosion on the tin ware is surface only and easily removed, the frame, wheels and forks are straight and true and the exhaust is solid and complete plus the chrome in general is good.

The mileage is only 3300 and believed correct, the engine has great compression but does not fire up.

These early DT twin shock trail bikes are genuine classics and guaranteed to increase in value, and this one being a rare 360 version is even more desirable.

We estimate it will cost £600-£700 to restore to a good standard, powder coated frame, new paint, seat cover, service items etc and then it will easily be worth 2.6K+ so it makes economic sense.

The owner bought it a year ago with the intention of restoring it, but has 4 other bikes which consume his time so it’s just been sat in the garage.

Looks like a lovely bike restoration project!

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