Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1937 Restored

LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-12 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-1 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-2 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-3 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-4 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-5 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-6 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-7 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-8 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-9 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-10 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-111937 Lancia Aprilia Berlina Pillarless Saloon.

Chassis number 38/1721
Engine Number 877
Registration EGH335

Launched in 1936 The Aprilia was 20 years ahead of its time; a light monocoque aerodynamic saloon boasting cross flow hemispherical combustion chambers in its V4 engine, independent rear suspension with perfect geometry & inboard rear brakes.

The result was a standard of comfort, performance & handling that made the Aprilia the preferred choice of transport for such luminaries as noted motoring journalist Denis Jenkinson & racing Driver Mike Hawthorne in the 1950′s.

Aprilia was the last car Vincenzo Lancia personally supervised prior to his death.

Under one ownership until 1995 & subject to a huge rebuild by John Savage in 2002, the car was ordered new from Abbott of London by one Rodney Wilkinson; A war hero who was awarded an MC whilst fighting in Italy. Failing eyesight led to him parting with the car in 2005 to the second owner who has also put money into keeping it in its current splendor.

An exhaustive list of the work carried out comes with the car. Suffice to say it is too long to list here. The car is now in beautiful running order starting easily & exhibiting lively performance from the V4 overhead cam engine.

The car is finished in pale metallic blue which suits the car extremely well, the paint being of recent origin & therefore in lovely order.

To the interior is medium blue leather piped in pale blue with dark grey carpets.

Everything is fully functional on the car such as heater, semaphores, etc etc as they were attended to during the rebuild.

These cars were far ahead of their time when first produced boasting a light monocoque body allied to a powerful for its size V4 engine which provides startling performance for a car of this age. Indeed a contemporary report in 1938 by “The Autocar” managed to see a top speed of 80 MPH with easy 60MPH cruising.

The car is a delight to drive. Light on the steering. An easy gear box allowing the cogs to fall into place silently. A fruity Italian exhaust note from the engine. The car easily falls in line & keeps up with more modern traffic.

Hydraulic brakes are fitted to the four corners making for excellent levels of retardation. Ingress & egress is made simple by the pillarless door arrangement with the front doors opening conventionally & the rear doors being rear hinged.

The bodywork is a delight with a low font bonnet line tapering away for fine visibility. The rear of the body gracefully curves back in a fastback aerodynamic style.

In the boot is the original suitcase that came with the car when new along with a secondary case containing tools that fits underneath the larger case.

To sum up: A stylish pre war Italian rarity that needs nothing doing whatsoever.


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