Volkswagen Mexican Beetle 1200 – 1985 Restored

 vwbeetle1985-1 vwbeetle1985-2 vwbeetle1985-3 vwbeetle1985-4 vwbeetle1985-5 vwbeetle1985-6 vwbeetle1985-7 vwbeetle1985-8 vwbeetle1985-9LHD 1985 Mexican Volkswagen Beetle.

These were manufactured in Mexico when German based production ceased in 1978 with the final classic shape beetle rolling off the production line in 2003.

Affectionately known as ‘Santino’ this left hand drive beetle was imported to Italy in 1985 where it was bought by a Mrs Annabel Mary Veneto, originally from Chertsey and living in Italy at the time. She moved back to the UK in 1987 and brought the beetle back with her.

There is masses of history with the car including the original bill of sale for 6,550,000 Lira and the HM Customs receipt for £577.00 when she brought it through Dover.

Other history includes:
- Original Italian service books
- Original Italian registration
- A couple of Italian MOT’s
- Receipts for work done
- What I think are Italian insurance certificates
- All UK MOTs from 1988
- Almost all UK Tax Discs
- An A4 folder full of UK receipts for various maintenance work.

The MOT’s confirm the mileage is 136,000. The car was restored approx 5 years ago by Beetle Werks in Rustington on the South Coast and saw very little use from then on. It was dry stored in a professional facility and in the last three years only came out for MOTs and a run to the Brighton Breeze VW show.

When the current owner purchased the car in March 2012  it had several 60′s period accessories and lots of stickers which were removed as it was a bit of timezone frankenstein so it is much cleaner now. It also had cheap gasburner alloys on it which have been replaced in favour of original genuine steel wheels which have been professionally refurbished and painted in Alaska White, an original VW colour. There are complemented with chrome caps and Empi beauty rings.

Work completed in the last year apart from the cosmetics listed above include lowering the front of the car on CB drop spindles, a regular service and oil change and a brake overhaul which was needed after the car had stood for so long. The rear fog light was a nasty oversized plastic retro thing so that was replaced with something more period correct and the wiring was sorted too.

The car drives superbly well, the 1200cc is surprising strong and cruises at 60mph. The cars never let the owner down as he made sure it’s looked after by experts and passed its MOT in March 2013 with no advisories.

The underside is in excellent condition and the only corrosion on the body is some slight bubbling on the RH side gutter channel, near the engine lid. The interior was reupholstered when it was restored in a more modern style and is in immaculate condition with no signs of wear.


The bad bit……


Unfortunately the current owner recently reversed into one of those triple height kerbs they have near HGV depots and damaged the rear nearside quarter. There are a couple of scrapes on the underside of the bumper which don’t notice but the rear wing is kinked.   This is shown in the last photo.


To summarise this is a great looking bug with masses of history in fantastic overall condition with very sound mechanicals.

A super VW Beetle Mexico with a nice story.  Thank you for sharing.

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