Volkswagen Mexican Beetle 1200 – 1985 Restored

 vwbeetle1985-1 vwbeetle1985-2 vwbeetle1985-3 vwbeetle1985-4 vwbeetle1985-5 vwbeetle1985-6 vwbeetle1985-7 vwbeetle1985-8 vwbeetle1985-9LHD 1985 Mexican Volkswagen Beetle.

These were manufactured in Mexico when German based production ceased in 1978 with the final classic shape beetle rolling off the production line in 2003.

Affectionately known as ‘Santino’ this left hand drive beetle was imported to Italy in 1985 where it was bought by a Mrs Annabel Mary Veneto, originally from Chertsey and living in Italy at the time. She moved back to the UK in 1987 and brought the beetle back with her.

There is masses of history with the car including the original bill of sale for 6,550,000 Lira and the HM Customs receipt for £577.00 when she brought it through Dover.

Other history includes:
- Original Italian service books
- Original Italian registration
- A couple of Italian MOT’s
- Receipts for work done
- What I think are Italian insurance certificates
- All UK MOTs from 1988
- Almost all UK Tax Discs
- An A4 folder full of UK receipts for various maintenance work.

The MOT’s confirm the mileage is 136,000. The car was restored approx 5 years ago by Beetle Werks in Rustington on the South Coast and saw very little use from then on. It was dry stored in a professional facility and in the last three years only came out for MOTs and a run to the Brighton Breeze VW show.

When the current owner purchased the car in March 2012  it had several 60′s period accessories and lots of stickers which were removed as it was a bit of timezone frankenstein so it is much cleaner now. It also had cheap gasburner alloys on it which have been replaced in favour of original genuine steel wheels which have been professionally refurbished and painted in Alaska White, an original VW colour. There are complemented with chrome caps and Empi beauty rings.

Work completed in the last year apart from the cosmetics listed above include lowering the front of the car on CB drop spindles, a regular service and oil change and a brake overhaul which was needed after the car had stood for so long. The rear fog light was a nasty oversized plastic retro thing so that was replaced with something more period correct and the wiring was sorted too.

The car drives superbly well, the 1200cc is surprising strong and cruises at 60mph. The cars never let the owner down as he made sure it’s looked after by experts and passed its MOT in March 2013 with no advisories.

The underside is in excellent condition and the only corrosion on the body is some slight bubbling on the RH side gutter channel, near the engine lid. The interior was reupholstered when it was restored in a more modern style and is in immaculate condition with no signs of wear.


The bad bit……


Unfortunately the current owner recently reversed into one of those triple height kerbs they have near HGV depots and damaged the rear nearside quarter. There are a couple of scrapes on the underside of the bumper which don’t notice but the rear wing is kinked.   This is shown in the last photo.


To summarise this is a great looking bug with masses of history in fantastic overall condition with very sound mechanicals.

A super VW Beetle Mexico with a nice story.  Thank you for sharing.

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MG MGA Roadster 1959 Restored

MGMGARoadster1959-12 MGMGARoadster1959-1 MGMGARoadster1959-2 MGMGARoadster1959-3 MGMGARoadster1959-4 MGMGARoadster1959-5 MGMGARoadster1959-6 MGMGARoadster1959-7 MGMGARoadster1959-8 MGMGARoadster1959-9 MGMGARoadster1959-10 MGMGARoadster1959-11MG MGA Roadster 1959

Mileage : 28,884

Manual Gearbox, Right-Hand-Drive with 1500cc Petrol Engine.

This is a 1959 MGA Roadster in chariot red, black interior with red piping, black P.V.C hood and tonneau cover, original U.S.A title document and British heritage certificate present.

Originally supplied to the U.S.A where it remained until 1989.

The MG was restored in the U.S to a very high standard with a full body off nut and bolt rebuild for the owner, a Sandra.l lamania in Florida.

The vehicle was found by a Mr David fuller a riley enthusiast who was on a trip to the U.S with his wife to view a riley for his personal import to the UK, he was so impressed by the condition he purchased the MGA as well.

David took delivery and converted the MG to right hand drive.  He used the car little in his 15 year ownership, there is an old m.o.t  with a recorded mileage of 22,998 in march of 1994 and one in 2006 with just 24,246 a total of just 1248 miles in 12 years.  His widow who confirms the trip and purchase along with the garage that MOT’d the vehicle for many years.

The next owner a Mr David cooper acquired the MG in 2006 and in his ownership put just 3,556 miles on her before passing it to the next owner in 2008.

The next owner a Mr Javed Akhter, a wealthy London pharmacist and car collector purchased the MG to recapture his days running around at university where he met his wife, Javed had the front drum brakes converted to disc and servo assisted them, he purchased new chrome wire wheels, new chrome luggage rack along with a new tonneau cover, after 3 years Javed sold the MGA to the current owner after covering just 814 miles.

The current owner’s ownership started in May 2011. He said “I am a classic car enthusiast with a small collection, I am at an age where I can indulge myself”.


The entire car was restored professionally by a U.S restorer to a high standard, it was a body off restoration, The chassis was repainted,  the body was repainted in its original chariot red both inside and out.

The work was carried out in the late 1980s, the front scuttle and bonnet was professionally repainted in 2012, reason being stone chips to the front scuttle panel, There is a couple of stone chips to the paint on the rear scuttle were the boot lid has been mis-aligned at some stage (now corrected) all gaps are very good, doors, bonnet and boot all shut nice.

To sum up the paint is very bright with a really nice lustre, no dents and looks fresh with no change in condition in my ownership, the engine bay is clean and bright as is the boot area.


Interior has had new carpet, door cards, seat covers, hood, tonneau, steering wheel, heater controls, spare wheel cover, all with no wear, rips or tears.


New chrome bumpers and overiders, chrome wire wheels, luggage rack and le mans petrol cap, Has original grill still in very nice condition as is the windscreen surround.


Engine, gearbox, axle all rebuilt and clean with new oil, electrics converted to 1 x 12v battery however the two trays still in place and in excellent shape.

New discs, callipers and pads, new servo fitted along with all new brake pipes, new stainless exhaust, note: Radiator has a small dent on the top and has some paint chips again in good condition.

Engine runs like a sewing machine is quiet and no smoke being emitted, (pulls very strong)


All MOT’s dating from 1992 to 2013 recording a current mileage of 28,884 just 5000 in the last 20 years of motoring.

Receipts for work and parts purchased by the last owner and current owner are with the car. It’s been a muched love car that owners have cherished (and it shows)


Looking at prices of the MGA roadster it seems that £15-20k buys you a entry level vehicle requiring work to make a useable machine, body shape is not good, home restorations to varying standards.

£20-25k buys a vehicle that has probably had major restoration carried out, again to varying standards £30k buys a top end professionally restored vehicle to show standards.

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VW Camper Van T2 1967 Restored

VWCamper1967-6 VWCamper1967-1 VWCamper1967-2 VWCamper1967-3 VWCamper1967-4 VWCamper1967-5A fine example of a restored VW Camper Van T2 1967.

Fully restored 1967 Volkswagen camper, restored 3 years ago , bare metal respray, no scratches or marks on paint work.

Less than a thousand miles since completion.

It has a manual gearbox, left-hand-drive and covered 53,000 from new.

It’s a 1967 VW Camper early bay T2 LHD 1649cc engine & separate oil cooler, bare metal respray painted inside & out at a cost of £5k.

Bespoke hand made marina leather red & cream interior, new head lining, and carpets & door cards.
£2.5k spent on new locks & door handles , all new rubbers windows and doors, new drum brakes , pipes , shocks ,tyres, wheels.

The woners says he has done 3 weddings in this camper since he completed it and everyone that sees the bus say its the best they have seen.

He’s been asked to enter it in shows, but so far has declined.

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Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1937 Restored

LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-12 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-1 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-2 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-3 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-4 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-5 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-6 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-7 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-8 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-9 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-10 LanciaApriliaBerlina1937-111937 Lancia Aprilia Berlina Pillarless Saloon.

Chassis number 38/1721
Engine Number 877
Registration EGH335

Launched in 1936 The Aprilia was 20 years ahead of its time; a light monocoque aerodynamic saloon boasting cross flow hemispherical combustion chambers in its V4 engine, independent rear suspension with perfect geometry & inboard rear brakes.

The result was a standard of comfort, performance & handling that made the Aprilia the preferred choice of transport for such luminaries as noted motoring journalist Denis Jenkinson & racing Driver Mike Hawthorne in the 1950′s.

Aprilia was the last car Vincenzo Lancia personally supervised prior to his death.

Under one ownership until 1995 & subject to a huge rebuild by John Savage in 2002, the car was ordered new from Abbott of London by one Rodney Wilkinson; A war hero who was awarded an MC whilst fighting in Italy. Failing eyesight led to him parting with the car in 2005 to the second owner who has also put money into keeping it in its current splendor.

An exhaustive list of the work carried out comes with the car. Suffice to say it is too long to list here. The car is now in beautiful running order starting easily & exhibiting lively performance from the V4 overhead cam engine.

The car is finished in pale metallic blue which suits the car extremely well, the paint being of recent origin & therefore in lovely order.

To the interior is medium blue leather piped in pale blue with dark grey carpets.

Everything is fully functional on the car such as heater, semaphores, etc etc as they were attended to during the rebuild.

These cars were far ahead of their time when first produced boasting a light monocoque body allied to a powerful for its size V4 engine which provides startling performance for a car of this age. Indeed a contemporary report in 1938 by “The Autocar” managed to see a top speed of 80 MPH with easy 60MPH cruising.

The car is a delight to drive. Light on the steering. An easy gear box allowing the cogs to fall into place silently. A fruity Italian exhaust note from the engine. The car easily falls in line & keeps up with more modern traffic.

Hydraulic brakes are fitted to the four corners making for excellent levels of retardation. Ingress & egress is made simple by the pillarless door arrangement with the front doors opening conventionally & the rear doors being rear hinged.

The bodywork is a delight with a low font bonnet line tapering away for fine visibility. The rear of the body gracefully curves back in a fastback aerodynamic style.

In the boot is the original suitcase that came with the car when new along with a secondary case containing tools that fits underneath the larger case.

To sum up: A stylish pre war Italian rarity that needs nothing doing whatsoever.


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Austin Healey 100/4 1955 Restored

austinhealy100-4-1955-12 austinhealy100-4-1955-1 austinhealy100-4-1955-2 austinhealy100-4-1955-3 austinhealy100-4-1955-4 austinhealy100-4-1955-5 austinhealy100-4-1955-6
austinhealy100-4-1955-9 austinhealy100-4-1955-10 austinhealy100-4-1955-111955 Austin-Healey 100
– 993 XUA

Fresh from an extensive restoration programme, RetroMarques Ltd is pleased to present this Austin-Healey 100/4 in stunning Carmine Red.

A very late BN1 Healey, confirmed by the accompanying Heritage Certificate as having been built on the 9th February 1955 as a UK Home Market, right-hand-drive car, chassis number BN1/222799.

The matching numbered engine and the original body-numbered bonnet, boot lid and trim items are also still fitted. A check against the marque build records show that there were only a few, all very minor, modifications after this chassis number before production changed to the BN2 specification in August. However, this car has since been upgraded with the desirable 4-speed gearbox, thus creating a BN2-spec Healey.

Over a period of about 18 months RetroMarques has taken the car through a sympathetic but extensive restoration, very much endeavouring to preserve as much originality as possible.

In reassembling 993 XUA, we have also tried to ensure the car accurately reflects the correct, original factory specification. In this they have referred to the 2 ‘bibles’ of Healey restoration, namely Clausager and Anderson and Moment, for checking upon details rather than simply assuming their knowledge (or their own Healey 100!) was correct!

Components have been removed, stripped, repaired where necessary and then rebuilt rather than taking the simpler expedient of bolting on new (and often inferior quality!) parts.

Many of the ‘black’ components have also been powder coated for protection.

The engine has been completely stripped and rebuilt, so too the SU carburettors, and is therefore effectively a ‘0’ miles engine so final running-in will be required.

The car has been rewired with the correct, cloth-covered wire harness and silver painted, 48-spoke wire wheels with new tyres are fitted. Much of the bright-work has been stripped and re-chromed.

Great care has been taken with panel fit, so that the shut lines and alignment are, we believe, to a very high standard.

The quality of the paint finish has drawn many favourable comments; the inner arches are stone-guarded for added protection but please note that the underside has not yet been waxoyled and remains in painted finish.

Circa 250 photos document the various stages of the restoration and a photo book of the work will accompany the car when it is sold.

Overall 993 XUA represents a very desirable Heritage Certificate BN1 upgraded to the 4-speed BN2 specification, and eligible for many historic events, not least the Mille Miglia retrospective.

The 100/4 is an Austin-Healey that is both practical – having the full boot-space available for stowage, and the beautifully balanced handling and torque of the 4-cylinder car – simply a delight to drive.

Finally, a matter of personal preference of course, but the 100/4’s purity of line is a special quality largely lost in the later models.

austinhealy100-4-1955-7Check out the UK Classic Cars For Sale

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MG MGB Roadster 1967

mgmgbroadster1967-7 mgmgbroadster1967-1 mgmgbroadster1967-2 mgmgbroadster1967-3 mgmgbroadster1967-4 mgmgbroadster1967-5 mgmgbroadster1967-6This blue 1967 MG B Roadster is a car that has really stood the test of time well.

First registered 17/11/1967 with 92,000 miles and 4 previous owners.

It’s Right-Hand-Drive petrol with manual gearbox and 1798cc engine.

The owner has refurbished her and returned her to her original 1960′s state including brand new hood, carpets, paint, wheels.

The chrome of the car all good.

The MGB really looks well and turns heads wherever it goes.

It is in a condition that would make it ideal for the spring / summers shows.

As well as looking great the MG is good mechanically with everything working as it should, the brakes are good and the cars transmission also changes as it should with no whining etc from the drive train.

The Roadsters engine is also good and is very nippy for a car of over 45 years old.

The MG has a few modern upgrades like an immobiliser and kenlowe electric fan.

The underside of the car is very solid and has been waxoyled for that extra level of protection from the elements.

The car has a history file including past MOT’S, buff logbook, blue log book, receipts for previous works, and some tax discs.

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